Current Openings

Director of Equity Funds
VCDC seeks a full-time Director of Equity Funds. The Director of Equity Funds is responsible for coordinating all aspects of VCDC’s equity fund program, including managing the financial performance of the funds, raising new equity investment, placing investments in properties, and investor reporting.

Fund Management
• Coordinates the work of the Fund Management Team
• Supervises and directs the Director of Investor Relations and other Fund Management staff
• Coordinates bridge loan administration in conjunction with the CFO and Director of Investor Relations, and other staff as needed:
• Coordinates bridge loan draws and payments to support Fund liquidity while maintaining IRR targets
• Projects bridge loan interest and payoff dates
• Develops, analyzes and maintains Funds’ IRR projections:
• Ensures projections are updated quarterly based on actual property performance, construction completion schedules and lease up schedules
• Compares IRR projections to actual and coordinates adjustments to maintain investor return and optimize investor credit delivery
• Manages quarterly investor reporting in conjunction with CFO and Director of Asset Management, and other staff as needed:
• Oversees special investor reports and responses to investor inquiries
• Coordinates the timing of capital contributions to projects
• Coordinates the timing of investor draws
• For each Fund, constantly tracks, using Fund models and other tools:
• Total investment, total drawn to date, remaining investor obligations
• Fund obligations to properties, to bridge interest, fees, and expenses
• Works with the CEO, CFO
• Provides support and guidance in completion of Fund and project audits and tax returns
• Manages, develops and refines systems to do the duties outlined above

New Fund Development
• Develops information for presentation and marketing materials with input from the CEO, Director of Investor Relations, Data Manager and other staff as needed.
• Coordinates responses to investor underwriting
• Coordinates the process of determining the IRR for each equity fund based on lower-tier pricing projections, fund expense projections, the timing of investor capital calls, the timing of credit delivery, etc. with input from the CEO, COO, CFO, and others.
• Secures bridge loan commitments and coordinates loan closings

Project Acquisition and Development
• Utilizes Fund projection models and other tools to analyze and price projects, and maintains and refines the program
• Works with VCDC’s Development staff to analyze potential investments, including evaluating tax, technical and underwriting issues, preparing presentations to investors, and reviewing details with Fund attorneys, accountants, and others
• Prime person involved in pricing projects, developing information for investor presentations, analyzing of tax and technical issues, and finalizing terms and conditions.

Develops materials and represents VCDC Funds to current and potential investors, project sponsors, and other business partners and community stakeholders.

Information Technology
• Works closely with the CFO and Data Manager to ensure VCDC’s data system contains accurate and up to date information
• Coordinates updates to VCDC’s Fund and project feasibility models and the integration of these models with other data sources.

Key Requirements
• Must give attention to details
• Must possess demonstrated ability to be organized
• Bachelor’s degree with advanced degree, coursework, or other credentials in finance, banking, or accounting
• Must be a self-starter, and able to work with limited supervision
• Must have advanced knowledge of Excel and solid experience with Word, Powerpoint, and Adobe Acrobat
• Have a strong track record of achievement in housing and community development

VCDC Offers Monday through Friday employment with a competitive benefit package.

To apply please send cover letter and resume to Raven Bates at